The technical bit

Ideally we would like to come and view your home and windows and advise on the best suitable treatment. We can also conduct accurate measurements during this visit. If however, you are not within our visiting area, please see the following for measuring information and guidelines.

Measuring for curtains

1. Start by defining the width of the curtains. To do this measure the curtain track or pole using a steel rule. If you have a curtain pole please make sure that you measure between the finials (decorative bits at the end of the pole) 

2. Decide whether you want a pair of curtains or a single curtain

3. Decide what kind of curtain heading you want to use - pencil pleat, tab top etc.

4. Determine the finished drop of the curtain - whether to the sill, to below the sill or to the floor

5. Pencil Pleat - measure from the top of your curtain track or the bottom of your pole ring to where you want the curtains to end. This is the finished drop and we will make the calculations from this. Remember: If you want the curtains to the floor then measure to 1cm above the floor for your finished drop

Measuring for roman blinds

 Click here to download a guide to measuring Roman Blinds


Fitting of all curtains & blinds is included in the overall cost.